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Doctor Who: Industrial Evolution

“Squirt for your lives”

And so we come to the conclusion of the Sixth Doctor-Evelyn-Brewster trilogy. Following on from the contemporary London of The Crimes of Thomas Brewster and the outer space future of The Feast of Axos, we now find ourselves in the past – mid 19th century Lancashire to be exact. And right from the start we arrive ‘in media res’ in a busy plot that includes luddites, labour agitators, proto-suffragette and interstellar eco warriors, sentient machines and something nasty in the cellar – all elements ably combined in this lightweight but always entertaining audio adventure from Big Finish. Continue reading

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Doctor Who: Situation Vacant

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Paul McGann never really had much of a chance to make an impression playing in Doctor Who on television – not only is the generally disliked feature-length 1996 TV movie his sole appearance in the medium but he doesn’t even make his first appearance until nearly 25 minutes have gone by!
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