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Jago & Litefoot 3.4: Chronoclasm

“Does that make sense to you or am I just quoting Shakespeare to a bunch of baboons?” The plot: When Litefoot’s home is invaded by giant metal spheres, it seems that the end of the world is nigh. The enemy … Continue reading

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Jago & Litefoot 3.3: Swan Song

“It would be pleasant if time wasn’t always of the essence.” The plot: The New Regency Theatre is haunted and Jago, Litefoot and Leela witness the spirit of someone in a silver wheelchair floating over the stalls. This is the … Continue reading

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Jago & Litefoot 3.2: The Man at the End of the Garden

“Old ladies need much armour” The plot: Strange things are happening in the Naismith household. Eleanor Naismith has vanished, and her daughter Clara is found in odd circumstances… What is the link to Eleanor’s book, ‘The Man At The End … Continue reading

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Drama Showcase: In Conversation with an Acid Bath Murderer

Synopsis: In 1949, John George Haigh, the infamous ‘Vampire killer’, was hanged for the murder of at least six people. Join him in the hangman’s cell as he tells you his story and invites you to relive the seduction, murder … Continue reading

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Jago & Litefoot 3.1: Dead Men’s Tales

A friend from the past returns to warn Jago and Litefoot of a threat to the future. Time breaks are appearing in Victorian London, but first Leela must help solve the mystery of the Wet Men – terrifying creatures that are rising from the River Thames…

“Ill-informed delusions of illiterate but imaginative inebriates”

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Drama Showcase: Pulling Faces

Pulling Faces by Helen Goldwyn is the second in the new Drama Showcase series from Big Finish. These hour-long audio plays feature actors and production personnel familiar from some of the company’s other ranges but are outside of their usual genre boundaries – these are more like BBC 4 Afternoon Plays, only with stronger language and better production values.

It follows on from Katy Manning’s Not A Well Woman and like that production it also began as a one-woman stage show and takes as its subject someone who, with marriages behind them and grown up children no longer to support, looks back on their lives analysing its highs and lows – all on the eve of undergoing surgery. But whereas Manning’s self-penned work was a virtuoso solo piece, this has been turned by Goldwyn, director Nigel Fairs and star Louise Jameson into a full cast comedy drama. Jameson plays Joanne Taylor, a media celeb who once hosted a TV makeover show but who, many years later, is now working on radio being considered by the powers that be to look too old to front a TV show. Continue reading

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