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Drama Showcase: Unintelligent Design

Synopsis: A research student goes to his tutor in despair, his whole world on the verge of collapse. His project is evolving badly. Should he have tried a more intelligent design? Is it too late for his tutor to save him. Meanwhile … Continue reading

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Drama Showcase: In Conversation with an Acid Bath Murderer

Synopsis: In 1949, John George Haigh, the infamous ‘Vampire killer’, was hanged for the murder of at least six people. Join him in the hangman’s cell as he tells you his story and invites you to relive the seduction, murder … Continue reading

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Drama Showcase: Pulling Faces

Pulling Faces by Helen Goldwyn is the second in the new Drama Showcase series from Big Finish. These hour-long audio plays feature actors and production personnel familiar from some of the company’s other ranges but are outside of their usual genre boundaries – these are more like BBC 4 Afternoon Plays, only with stronger language and better production values.

It follows on from Katy Manning’s Not A Well Woman and like that production it also began as a one-woman stage show and takes as its subject someone who, with marriages behind them and grown up children no longer to support, looks back on their lives analysing its highs and lows – all on the eve of undergoing surgery. But whereas Manning’s self-penned work was a virtuoso solo piece, this has been turned by Goldwyn, director Nigel Fairs and star Louise Jameson into a full cast comedy drama. Jameson plays Joanne Taylor, a media celeb who once hosted a TV makeover show but who, many years later, is now working on radio being considered by the powers that be to look too old to front a TV show. Continue reading

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Drama Showcase: Not a Well Woman

Drama Showcase sees production company Big Finish move into interesting and original territory with a series of small-scale plays starring actors very familiar from their more mainstream releases, including Louise Jameson, Geoffrey Beevers and auteur Nigel Fairs, but in edgy works well outside of their usual genre-based comfort zone.

This production is an audio presentation of Katy Manning’s semi-autobiographical one-woman play. It is a stream of consciousness collage in which we sample extracts from the life of Pansy Maude, a ‘visually challenged’ actress and mother. Pansy, rather like Manning herself, has exceptionally poor eyesight due to an inability to properly distinguish shapes and colours, but this is a story not of someone who is locked inside themselves by a physical ailment – rather, the opposite applies. Continue reading

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