Tom Baker to join Big Finish

Well, after much speculation and hints it has now been officially confirmed that Tom Baker is to play the Fourth Doctor for a series of audio adventures to be made by independent production company Big Finish, with release set to start in January 2012. This continues on from two recent original audio serials in which Baker reprised his classic TV role, recorded for BBC / AudioGo and written by Paul Magrs: Demon Quest and Hornet’s Nest.

Initially there will be six episodes released as single CDs or downloads, as per the Paul McGann Eighth Doctor releases. Then there will be a five-disc box set of ‘Lost Stories’ featuring Baker as the Doctor, to be then followed by a second series, this time comprising seven single-disc releases. No release dates have been given so far for these two latter titles. Mary Tamm as Romana and Louise Jameson as Leela will also appear as the doctor’s companions.

For full details of the announcement visit the Big Finish website and the forum over at Tom Baker’s website.

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