In praise of … RADIOMENSA.NET

Ralph over at ( has for quite a while now been posting some fantastic radio content. It offers great value for those interested in older radio, whether it be old editions of the BBC’s Afternoon Play, Old Time Radio from the US, comedies, music but also much new and original material. As he puts is:

Best of Old Time Radio and The Spoken Word (modern dramatic works) – Entries stay posted around five weeks – Stop by daily or put your email address in the SUBSCRIBE box, you will be notified of new entries – Contact me via the “Add Comment” icon under each entry.

I shan’t comment on provenance or what the rights situation might be but the material is only briefly available before being over-written and is well-worth seeking out. Ralph also hosts the Radio at War site ( which is a real labour of love, collecting war-related audio content, a mixture of drama and historical materials. As Ralph says on his site:

The site is so much more than just old war time programming – Entries will be of recent and not so recent material – Entries will entertain, surprise, inform or make you reach for the tissue box – I have an interest in world conflicts – World War II in particular, but not exclusively – The site is totally free – NO advertising & NO begging for donations – This is a hobby, not a business – Nothing is for sale here – No real schedule to the posting, so stop by often or put your email address in the SUBSCRIBE box, you will be notified of new entries (you will not be spammed in any way, size, shape or form) –  By the way, your requests are always welcome

Ralph is highly responsive so it is well worth getting in touch and supporting this fascinating endeavour. He can be contacted through the sites or by email at:

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